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SAT: 8AM - 12PM

We offer complete customer satisfaction by professionals with cost efficient work within a timely matter. We use high quality repair and paint. Services offered:

A fender bender is a minor accident that generally causes minor damage to the vehicles involved and it's usually on the fender area. The Dodge Viper above is experiencing paint peeling to the front lower fender, but with our help it return to its original look.

A complete collision repair is severe damage to the vehicle in which sections need to be replaced because of the damage of the fenders. The Toyota Camry above went thought an accidental collision, but with our high-skilled staff we restored the vehicle like new.

A complete paint is covering the entire exterior of the vehicle with fresh new paint from the trunk fender to front bumber. This old school Mercedes-Benz classsic beauty went through a makeover from white to gray with ease from the paint crew.

After market are product that are made by a company other than the original manufacturer of the vehicle, making the vehicle custom. The Cadillac CTS now has a custom look with the help of an after market grill installed by us.
(We can order after market part for all makes and models)

A headlights restoration consist of restoring the vehicle aged headlights resulting in cloudy lenses causing reduced night time visibility.

Smoked lights service is painting the vehicles headlights and (or) tail lights, they are usually a black tone color. The Honda Accord above went throught a trasnsformation from regular to dark headlights and taillights to achieve a clean unique look. (Available in light, mid, dark)